TIP is a family owned and managed industrial park in Lithuania. It is an attractive industrial site with more than 100,000 square meters of space ready for business. Furthermore, additional area of 200,000 square meters is in development and will be available in a short while. TIP industrial park offers rental and sale of aforementioned facilities. The park has already attracted foreign capital, mostly from Scandinavia.

The situation

Usually, before starting our work we meet with the customers where they tell all about their business, company’s strengths, presents their unique selling point and set expectations for the final product.  Not this time. Our project team have received a pile of slideshows, high-quality photos, logos and full creative freedom to present the TIP the way we want. 


To deliver the website with appeal to Scandinavian business sector and present TIP as viable option to relocate business to European Union. 


The customer put trust in us, and to us this means everything. Much more than money. Excepting all the responsibility, our research team spent tones of time analyzing the specifics of this business sector.

Communication was identifies as the most important task. If our customer was to succeed, the message had to be well designed and nicely packed. Yet, firstly, the focus was to get the right message itself. It should have communicate that TIP is successful, readily available and conveniently logistically located industrial park.

To boost the confidence we also included a summarized list of the TIP customers that already operating from the industrial park. We made sure that feedback from those customers find its way on the website J

Based on best practices of Scandinavia business culture, we expanded the scope of the information beyond the company itself. The information about region, the city, and the local community was also included.


Our contribution

  • Analysis

  • Solution

  • Information

  • Prototype

  • Design

  • Programming

  • Content

  • Responsive