Wide Wings

Wide Wings are skilled storytellers based in Vilnius. Internationally renowned film studio specializes in visual and audio production for movies, various companies and their services. The studio has mastered and are known for the art of animation. 

The situation

Wide Wings studio has been around for almost a decade. Ambitious and dynamic studio never stands still. As such, this is a third time we are collaborating with them on their image refresh. And we can assure that with every refresh they are growing and reaching new heights. This time around, the objective was to redesign the brand’s identity, starting with logo replacement and completing with introduction of new products.


Take existing customer’s identity and create a modern, visually appealing and authentic online solution, which allows exposing importance of each focus area individually.


Firstly, of course, we brainstormed a lot. Like almost all of creative types Wide Wings hardly could agree how they want to look going forward. However, we continued pressing, and we searching for a compromise that met all requirements.

At the beginning of the project, we knew that there would be more than two new brands introduced. Based on this requisite we chose the type of the architecture. It had to ensure that content is unbroken and universal. As a result, we created corporate part and five separate portfolios with distinctive web names.

We are happy. We see that with every new studio’s project, there is a steady growth of the content depth whist all the administrative website management is being done with ease by the Wide Wings themselves


Our contribution

  • Analysis

  • Solution

  • Information

  • Design

  • Programming

  • Responsive