ePublished is a social media site targeting creative type. This multilanguage platform allows amateur and published writers reach existing and new audiences despite the physical country borders.

The situation

The project has combined three different parts

  1. Informational website consisting from standardized representational content and secured database of the website partners

  2. The multifunctional platform dedicated to the creative community. The platform where poets are able to publish their work, communicate with each other and translate available work to different languages.

  3. The game dedicated for the poets with the goal to encourage creativeness and advertise the art of poetry.


The dedicated place that allows to publish and translate the poems. The place that allows writers to network. The place that allows to store work and allows various sorting options (by country, author, language.. )  


To create website dedicated to the creative type may and is a task not to every tech-oriented team; however, luckily, our team has someone who likes to create lyrics. As such, our experience and knowledge on the subject allowed to look to the task from different angle, avoid certain UX design flows and miscommunication with the client in general.

We analyzed platform operating principles and came up with visual concept. Creative freedom and client trust allowed us to avoid fruitless discussions and enabled as to work fast.

In a very limited period, we developed stable environment and enabled the platform for the creative juice to flow. The poets and lyricist are now able to publish they work; communicate to each other using both private and public chat options. Data shows that visits are regular and new member are subscribing from all over the world. The seed has been planted all eyes are now to the community to shine.

The adventures and challenges encountered during the creation of the poetry game you can read – here

Our contribution

  • Analysis

  • Prototype

  • Design

  • Programming

  • Content