Ogmi Law Group

Ogmi Law Group is an experienced corporate law firm working with clients operating in Lithuania and abroad. 

The situation

The key values for any legal services providing company is solemnity, reliability and solidity. That is exactly how our client was trying to brand themselves online. However, over the time the serious and business like website became somewhat boring. As such, our task was to come up with the inspired solution, while keeping the good taste and core brand values.


Based on the existing content, we were asked to create a solid and inspiring website that add value to the company’s image and grow internet presence. 


The first step was to evaluate the existing website content. We found it was lacking and rather dry, therefore decision was made to utilize clearly structured information architecture.

In areas were content was not available, creative approach was used. For example, on the landing page we placed a quote of the day, whilst alongside the company contact details we placed a time spent on the website counter.

In attempt to put emphasis on the company’s key rea (representing corporate clients), visualization of an unpublished book was created.

Our work did not go unnoticed. It received positive feedback from the design website boasting readership of over 500,000 users per month.

Our contribution

  • Analysis

  • Information

  • Prototype

  • Design

  • Programming

  • Content

  • Responsive

  • Copywriting