Vilniaus alus

"Vilniaus alus" is Vilnius based brewery established in XXXX. The company produce beer (both naturally fermented and mature), ginger ale and soft drinks, as well as manages the retail chain of stores and develops their own franchise.

The situation

Three main issues were identified. 

The amount of details obscure the whole picture – this is how the old website could have been summarized. 

Content placement. The paintings of Vilnius by Johan Grutzka are an important part of Vilniaus Alus identity, of course. However, they do not need to take the whole webpage and push content required for the visitors to the website sidelines. 

The pitfalls of the information contained in the plain text. In short, too much text. 


The requirement was to create visually attractive, user-friendly, mobile-friendly website based on the existing content. Optimization of the user experience in finding specific information related to business opening hours and other content was also prioritized. 


Firstly, we strictly divided content and assigned priority to each of the category (products, loaders, news reports). By doing this, we were able to place each of the category to its natural place on the website.

With this in place, we were able to direct customer attention exactly where it was needed. To meet requirement to be user-friendly a non-standard retail search functionality was utilized. Furthermore, not to forget the famous paintings, we placed them away from the user content and made it work for the brand rather than other way round. 

Lastly, for internal use of the brewery staff a document vault was created. It works in a way that the content is visible to everyone, but the possibility of managing is password protected.  

Our contribution

  • Analysis

  • Solution

  • Information

  • Prototype

  • Design

  • Programming

  • Content

  • Responsive