We have over ten years of experience in hosting services, providing dedicated webserver maintenance and domain administration. We introduce a new service that we developed in house  – automated hosting services. Wolet is a new brand for automated hosting and an e-commerce platform.

The situation

A brand new name for the service was required. Furthermore, the idea was to automate the system as much as possible, which would allow e-business development without requiring significant customization done by IT developer.  


It was necessary to create a system consisting of such significant parts as domain registration, management, extension, payments, billing and the activation of the chosen server plan. There was also a need for an easy way to hand over the control of the management tools to the clients.

In short, with Wolet's we aimed to fully automate the sales and service delivery. 


Firstly, it was essential to ‘not leave’ existing customers behind, to keep track of data export / import processes. We wanted our customers continue to be able to manage their services as easily as possible, so we spend a lot of time to the development of user-friendly customer environment and self-service functions.

We will not talk about the technical details behind the development and integration with various third-party software, but this turned out to be the most complex and most effort-consuming project part.

Our contribution

  • Analysis

  • Information

  • Prototype

  • Design

  • Programming

  • Content

  • Responsive

  • Copywriting

  • Planned

  • Tracking