Located in the Vilnius old town 'Belgai' serves authentic and the most popular Belgian cuisine. It is often said that qualities of the Belgian food are defined by the tradition of French quality food and German generosity. With four seating areas to choose from there is that feel of cultural diversity that Belgium is known for.

The situation

 The requirement from the client was to create a clear and visually appealing website. The website that is stress-free for the customer to navigate, but also is easy enough to be maintained by the site admin. The ultimate goal was to increase the time customers spend browsing and generate queries and make reservations


 Utilizing the content available from the previous website version to create modern and user/ admin friendly website that also includes functional reservation system.


The text in the previous website was divided to the paragraphs. We went with the different approach to divide text to smaller segments, what in turn, resulted in a better customer experience.

The menu was separated from general restaurant info in order to allow the visitors to familiarise themselves with the restaurant offerings and highlight the variety of the dishes.

We are happy, to achieve higher average session duration for the visitors and what’s more increased numbers in reservations made online.

Our contribution

  • Analysis

  • Solution

  • Information

  • Prototype

  • Design

  • Programming

  • Content

  • Responsive