Opal Transfer

'Opal Transfer' is London based money transfer company, one of the fastest company for money transfer services in Europe. Using latest technology company allows same day money transfers between Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia. The scope of operations is now extended to all European countries, including Norway, Monaco and San Marine.

The situation

One of the few projects, where the client knew exactly what the end result should look like and had the ability to express their vision. Essentially making pleasure to work with. The websites attractiveness and functionality aside an important objective was to keep website’s existing positions within specific categories in SEO. Another challenge was conveniently to devise content management solution as the website has 11 languages and its content is often renewed and changed.



Based on already existing content create simple, user friendly, effective and visually appealing online communication tool.   


To start with, we received the list of requirements for the website renewal, which we modified based on the best practice of UX design.

The design concept was initially created, however, the little details proved to be challenging. Point to note, the big companies pay attention to those the most. The end result – design and visualisation taken back by in-house ‘Opal Transfer’ design team. They have optimized visual concept and continue to make improvement on the daily basis. All technical tasks and solutions are continued to be progressed by our team.  

By working closely together, we achieved initially defined goals. From the internet presence perspective the client continued to surpass new start up companies in money transfer segment, keep existing position in SEO results in most countries, while improving in others.

Working with demanding customers not only brings financial rewards, it also allows to go outside the comfort zone and broadens the horizons. In also serves as reality check and encourage to improve and learn.

Our contribution

  • Prototype

  • Design

  • Programming

  • Content

  • Responsive

  • Planned

  • Tracking